The Transitioning Files: Have I Come to the End of My Long-Term Transitioning Journey?


Dear Readers,

As the year 2012 rolled around, I was so excited about the goals I had for my hair.  I planned to document my hair growth while maintaining my hair regimen.  I even set December 2012 as the end of my transitioning journey from relaxed hair to long, HEALTHY natural hair.  However, as I examine my hair ends, I highly doubt that I will make it to this goal.  Despite my weekly deep conditioning treatmens. numerous protective hairstyles, and gentle hair handling, my hair does not seem as healthy as it should be.  In fact, my ends look terrible and severely damaged.  I just can’t figure out what’s wrong.  I mean, how can my hair be this bad when I just trimmed it last week? 

I’m a perfectionist and all perfectionists know that we like to be “masters” at whatever we put our mind to.  So the fact that I still have not mastered long-term transitioning, despite being 17-months post-relaxer, annoys the mess out of me.  It also raises several questions for me regarding the future.  For instance, if I cannot even keep my hair ends healthy while transitioning, how will I ever retain length and make it to waist-length hair while natural?  Or…am I doing more harm than good by continuing this transitioning journey?  I certainly do not want to damage my natural hair while I try to hold on to the relaxed and damaged ends.

So as you can see, I’m at a difficult crossroads.  Should I continue this long-term transitioning journey or throw in the towel and finally do my big (well, actually little) chop?  Time will tell…but don’t be surprised if The Transitioning Files come to an end.

—                                                                                                                                           Sincerely,

Mind of a Nomad


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