Poof! Adios! Vamos! Be Gone! You Open Your Eyes and All Hair Products Are GONE.

Since starting this natural hair journey, I have become somewhat of a PJ (or “product junkie” as we naturals like to call it).  It seems everywhere I go, I look at hair products.  If I’m in Macy’s, I’ll check out Carol’s Daughter.  At Sally’s, I’ll glance at the latest Aphogee products.  And the list goes on… So as I drove back from a successful hair shopping night at Target, I began to think, “What would the world do if hair products suddenly disappeared?!”  And when I say disappear, I mean POOF, ADIOS, GONE.  No more Shea Moisture.  No more Kinky Curly.  No more Jane Carter.  (And yes, I had to do it)…No more Eco Styler.  Scary, huh?  Now I don’t know about the rest of you but life as I know it would forever be changed.

Thankfully, the world is not coming to an end, meaning all of you product junkies still have plenty of time to fill your cabinets with all the gels, pomades, creams, and mists to fill your heart’s desire.  And for me?  If suddenly a hair product apocalypse did descend upon us, I’m running straight to the nearest shea butter tree.  Who’s following me?

Nomadic Thought of the Day:

Life is simple. Hair care can be simple as well.  Put down the 15+ products and find out what works best on your hair.  After figuring out your “staple” hair products, stick with them.  Easy is as easy does.



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