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The Transitioning Files: The Bangin’ Braid-out That Never Saw the Light of Day

Ladies and gents, check out this braid-out!  I’m in LOOOVE.  If my hair could turn out like this every day, I’d be set for life.  Unfortunately, this hair never saw the light of day.  Why?  Well, let me give you some background…

Bangin' Braid-Out

So the other day, I was feeling endeavorous and decided to attempt MsAriella89’s braid-out.  Everything would have turned out great if a. I hadn’t done it on a previously failed wash-n-go, b. I hadn’t done it on a previously failed wash-n-go which left my hair super tangled, and c. I hadn’t done it on a previously failed wash-n-go which left my hair super tangled and dry.  But like many things in life, you couldn’t tell me NOTHING.  I was going to do it and it was going to turn out great.  Also, if it didn’t work out, I figured I would go with Plan B (yup I even had a back-up plan) and try FusionofCultures‘ “Johnny Bravo” updo.

Bangin' Braid-Out

However, when I took down the braid-out the next morning, I realized that this hair was never going to see the light of day.  Despite all the moisturizer I had put in it the night before, my hair was still super dry and tangled.  Probably because nothing was able to penetrate the thick layers of EcoStyler gel I had slapped on it for my wash-n-go a day earlier.  Thus, I tried my Plan B.  That, of course, failed as well.  Go figure!

Bangin' Braid-Out

In the end, I decided it was best to just start over & wash my hair again.  However, before I did this, I separated and fluffed my hair to see how big it would get.

And I got this…

Bangin' Braid-Out

I absolutely LOOOVED this. 

You can’t even tell that my hair was as dry as the Sahara. #ThankGodforPictures


Transitioning Hairstyles: My Signature “Big Bun”

Check out my first hair tutorial! I like to call this hairstyle, “Big Bun“!


Shirley B. Eniang does VV Brown…

As I was browsing through the past videos of one my favorite YouTube blogger’s Shirley B. Eniang, I came across a lovely hair tutorial she did which was very VV Brown-esque.  I may try a natural hair version of this on a braid-out or twist-out…and definitely will be doing this look when I finally decide to straighten my hair!

VV Brown not only has a great voice…but an amazing sense of style as well!

Operation Natural: The Introduction

Join Me in “Operation Natural” as I Document my Journey towards Natural Hair!
*Link to LongHairDontCareLLC’s O.W.L (Operation Waist Length) Video: *

Poof! Adios! Vamos! Be Gone! You Open Your Eyes and All Hair Products Are GONE.

Since starting this natural hair journey, I have become somewhat of a PJ (or “product junkie” as we naturals like to call it).  It seems everywhere I go, I look at hair products.  If I’m in Macy’s, I’ll check out Carol’s Daughter.  At Sally’s, I’ll glance at the latest Aphogee products.  And the list goes on… So as I drove back from a successful hair shopping night at Target, I began to think, “What would the world do if hair products suddenly disappeared?!”  And when I say disappear, I mean POOF, ADIOS, GONE.  No more Shea Moisture.  No more Kinky Curly.  No more Jane Carter.  (And yes, I had to do it)…No more Eco Styler.  Scary, huh?  Now I don’t know about the rest of you but life as I know it would forever be changed.

Thankfully, the world is not coming to an end, meaning all of you product junkies still have plenty of time to fill your cabinets with all the gels, pomades, creams, and mists to fill your heart’s desire.  And for me?  If suddenly a hair product apocalypse did descend upon us, I’m running straight to the nearest shea butter tree.  Who’s following me?

Nomadic Thought of the Day:

Life is simple. Hair care can be simple as well.  Put down the 15+ products and find out what works best on your hair.  After figuring out your “staple” hair products, stick with them.  Easy is as easy does.


The Transitioning Files: When Frustration Turns Into Joy

So last Monday, I did my hair.  Nothing out of the ordinary EXCEPT it was 11 pm, I had a 8am class the next day and I was exhausted to say the least.  So as I started to do my weekly hot oil treatment, I contemplated thoughts of hair suicide.  What if I just chopped it off?  Forget this whole “natural” thing, I’m ‘bout to cop a hot comb and put some heat to this hair.  As I sectioned my hair into 4 even parts for shampooing, I questioned all things natural.  Am I crazy?  Who in their right mind chooses to do all these things to their hair?  I deserved to get paid for all the work I put into this.  As my fingers shriveled up into prunes and my red nail polish washed away, being gentle with my hair was the last thing on my mind.  Breakage my foot!  I wanted nothing more than to get out of the shower and go to bed.  About an hour later and a few gallons of water wasted, I stepped out of the shower.  Plan of attack?  Put my hair in its infamous bun and hit the sack.  As I attempted to slick my hair back into the perfect bun, I realized that my hair was having an attitude and wanted to fight.  After about the third attempt, I gave up.  In desperation, I tried to recall quick hairstyles that I could do with ease.  How many styles came to mind?  None.  My mind was blank.  Finally, I decided I’d much rather enjoy the company of my bed than the company of my hair.  Quickly, I did two side rolls and put my hair in a bun.  And when I say bun, I mean THE BUN THAT I USE TO ROCK ALMOST EVERY DAY IN JUNIOR HIGH AND HIGH SCHOOL.  Needless to say, I finished, wrapped my hair up in my silk scarf, and went to bed.  The next morning, I woke up, looked in mirror, and actually liked (ok, more like LOVED) what I saw.  Who would have known?

                              Nomadic Thought of the Day:                             Sometimes, the best things in life can be done eyes-closed, lights off, and in 5 min.